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Many people want to learn to meditate, and everyone would love to have Super Powers, but meditating without a proper learning platform is extremely difficult and developing a totally new sense of awareness is nearly impossible alone. Merpati Putih has proven over decades that the Vibravision® skill is real, verifiable, reproducible, life-changing, and has the potential to revolutionize the paradigm of human consciousness.

MP USA is the ONLY place in America where you can learn this skill, and people ages 10 and up find themselves more focused, calmer yet more aware and experiencing aspects of life that most others will never know. The only 'belief' required is that YOU CAN DO IT TOO!

DISCLAIMER: MP USA, Inc. and The Vibravision Foundation are not associated with Disney™, LUCASFILM LTD. or any LFL Ltd. Film or Franchise.

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  • Awaken dormant parts of your brain and use it in new ways!
  • Open your "Mindsight' and "SEE" without your eyes!
  • Tap into your Intuition and Universal Energy Connection.
  • Learn to use and control your LIFE ENERGY!

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