Vibravision Immersions 2021!!!

As we close out the weirdest year of all time, it’s time to ring in a new one with a completely new outlook and set of abilities for all humanity.  Whether you have 20/20 vision, are sight-impaired, or completely blind, Vibravision® training WILL revolutionize your life!  From “seeing” without physical eyesight, to a completely unique breathwork and wellness system, unparalleled improvements in intuition, the ability to immediately become heart-centered and de-stress, connecting to the energies around you, THIS is the year that you have been waiting for.

In 2021 we will be holding four (4) Level 1 Immersion events, two (2) Level 2 events, and one (1) Level 3 event at our academy in Ogden, UT.  We will also be offering off-site Immersion training, so we can come to YOU!  Please see our website at and contact us for more details.

Below are the dates for each Immersion in Ogden, UT, and private/off-site training must be scheduled a minimum of six (6) months in advance (U.S. workshops only at this time).  Every student must undergo a full background check and application process, so APPLY NOW to make sure you get one of the limited spaces!

Learn Vibravision®.  Awaken your SUPERHUMAN potential!

Level 1 – Feb 5 – 9 , May 7 – 11 (TBD),  Aug 6 – 10 -or- Aug 13 – 17 (TBD),  Nov 5 – 9

Level 2 – Feb 26th – Mar 3rd,  May 21 – 25 -or- May 28 – Jun 1 (TBD), Nov 19th – 23rd

Level 3 – Aug 20 – 24 -or- Aug 27 – 31 (TBD)