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VibraVision Extra Sensory Development

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The VibraVision Extra Sensory Development program teaches you how to unlock your Mindsight. This training is unlike anything that you have ever experienced before.

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Learn How To Channel Your Life Energy

As America’s ONLY academy of Merpati Putih (MP) which means “White Dove”, MP USA offers completely unique methods of total personal empowerment that have been secretly passed down for over 450 years within the royal family of Java, Indonesia. This is not ”just another martial art’s school”. MP is a Life-Energy Art of Vitality, Health, Inner Peace and Awareness Expansion and offers speciality programs that enhance the lives of everyone of any age.

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This course was originally designed for people over 40, but Utahns from 10 to 75 have been enjoying the benefits since 2005. Regardless of your age you can reach new heights of health and performance too. No matter whether you’re looking to lose fat and get healthier, wanting to heal from a chronic injury or condition, or you’re an endurance athlete wanting more stamina, better aerobic and anaerobic capacity and an incredible VO2 Max, the M·B·S RECHARGE (formerly known as Wealth of Health) is for YOU!

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5-Day Immersion Events Are Open To All

Our amazing 5-day Immersion events are available to everyone (sighted, low-vision and blind) and are the BEST way to learn this skill and be able to develop it at home. Weekly Vibravision® training is available at MP USA for those who live near the MP USA/Vibravision® Academy in Ogden, UT, and is for sighted persons only at this time.

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Learn How To Focus Your Energy

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VibraVision Opens A New World To You

The Vibravision® Foundation aims to offer this training to those who would like to better help the visually impaired, quantify this ability scientifically, and medically standardize the training with the highest degree of efficacy. This unique mixture of meditation, mindfulness, breath mechanics, and brain-mapping science is unlike anything else found anywhere, and the Vibravision® method is poised to unlock a new paradigm in the study, understanding the practical application of human consciousness. In addition to the Vibravision® skill set and its potential to help the visually impaired navigate their environment, the specialized training includes one of the most effective breath work disciplines, as well as numerous physical and mental health benefits in addition to increased perception. Contact us today for a FREE consultation!

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This is a GIFT That Will Last a Lifetime through school, college and into the work world.

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