February 18, 2020

After participating in the M·B·S RECHARGE (formerly known as Wealth of Health), and Athletic Adventures programs at MP USA I decided it was time to level up and add some additional skills to my tool box. I’m a sighted person but felt Vibravision was the next step to my learning and training at MP USA. I was right! I participated in a Vibravision Immersion course in late fall 2019. There was an incredible amount of material covered! So much so I went home each night filled with energy and anticipation for the next day’s course material, questions to deepen my understanding, and excitement at how quickly I was grasping the course content. Mas Mike is a great instructor, enthusiastic and passionate about sharing his knowledge and experience, and patient with the process of students growth over the course of the 5 day immersion. The only downside to the training was not enough coaches during the training games once participants started learning to use and apply their skills, and not enough immediate feedback on performance during preliminary training games while participants were blindfolded and still trying to understand and learn the techniques and skills taught during the lectures.

Despite the downsides of the training, my success from this course has been greater than I expected! Since the training I have learned to recognize and identify object placement, colors, locate and identity colored poles, walk through obstacle courses at an 80% – 90% success rate (without hitting objects) and have begun to recognize people… All while being blindfolded and with a high success rate overall of about 80% – 90%!

I’ve also acquired other skills with my Vibravision skills and meditations such as more easily sense the energy of people around me, improve my fighting/sparring skills in the Athletic Adventure program, tune in to my inner self and truths deeper then ever before, reach a state of deep relaxation in a high stress lifestyle, and refined my sensitivity to the energy of things around me both in and out of nature by practicing the meditations learned in the Vibravision course.

I have gained so many benefits, skills, and insights from participating in this truly incredible and exceptional program! If you’re looking for ways to improve your quality of life and find deeper meaning and inner peace look no further!