Intentions vs Goals


If you ask me, goals are totally different than intentions. Goals are things like “I want to lose 10 pounds in the next 30 days.” Goals are extremely important, and they help me achieve all sorts of cool things. For me, as an achievement addict, I have enough goals to keep me busy for the next millennium.

Intentions are much more personal, they tend to be more a kind of reflection on myself, the person I want to be, and how I want to feel. I take a moment to look deep inside and acknowledge how I currently feel. For example, if I’m feeling overwhelmed, I might set an intention to say “no” to the things that might add unnecessary stress to my life.

Setting intentions has been such an amazing tool for keeping myself on the course that I want to follow. Think of yourself as a boat. Your goals are the docks you are trying to navigate to. Your intentions are the rudders on the boat, helping steer you in the direction you want to go.

Right now, since it is the beginning of a new year, and a new decade to boot, you might be thinking about your intention for the year. Me too! It is a great time to set that BIG intention. Anytime is a great time to get that started… including setting a smaller intention for this week. Then repeat it every week!

Photo by Content Pixie on Unsplash


Think about it.

Meditate, go for a walk in nature, drink a cup of hot tea, whatever gets your creative juices flowing. Think about the events that are coming up in the next week or month for a few minutes. After putting in the time for reflection, only then should you make your plans for your new intentions.

Use open-ended questions.

At first, it might be difficult to decide on what your intentions should be. There are hundreds of things that you could or “should” work on. Questions like “what characteristic do I want to develop” or “how would I like to feel” are a couple that might spark some thoughts for you.

Stretch, but don’t struggle.

Your new intention should feel like a stretch from where you are right now, but not something that feels like it is impossible. You should feel energized as you are reaching for that beautiful intention. If you are feeling stressed about it, or like it might zap your energy trying to make it happen, then go back to Tip #1!

Be kind.

I am begging of you, please be nice to yourself. Your intentions are things that will make your life better in the long run, but like all habits, it takes time to develop. If you stumble, pick yourself back up and try again. You’re a kid learning how to ride a bike for the first time. Celebrate what you were able to do, rather than lament the time that you crashed.

Keep track.

Write down how you feel at the end of the day, week, month, or any random time you feel like you should. You can track it in your journal or make a post on social media. By sharing your experiences, you will inspire others to do the same. Plus, it makes it easier to do the next tip…

Revisit the past.

Check back in with yourself after a few weeks. At the end of the month, look back at all the successes you’ve had, and see where you can improve. Taking this time to reflect (again) will help you set better intentions going forward.

By setting your intentions, and adding them to your goals, you will create the results you want. Plus, the journey will be so much more pleasurable.

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