MP USA may have closed its martial arts and energy classes....But you CAN still learn this amazingly powerful energy and meditation art from MP USA's founders in new and exciting ways! 

You now have TWO options to learn the Merpati Putih energy system from either:

Mas Nate Zeleznick and the White Dove Method, offering the unique Inner Power, Breathwork, Healing (self and others), Remote Viewing, Transformative Meditation, and Tantric Intimacy Energy work of Merpati Putih
Mas Mike Zeleznick through Vibravision and the one-of-a-kind Merpati Putih discipline that allows some to be able to unlock an inner vision and "see" without eyesight 

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With weekly in-person classes in Ogden, UT closed, we're redirecting our efforts to support our communities through virtual teaching and seminars. If you'd like to stay informed about future enrollment opportunities and locations, be sure to check out our new websites and keep an eye on our updates, click below!