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The Vibravision® technique has been used as an Orientation and Mobility method for blind people in Indonesia since 1991, and by their elite military special forces, called Kopassus, in place of night vision technology since 1993.

Vibravision blind person training

Learn How To See Without Your Eyes

Some of the ‘skills’ Vibravision helps develop include:

  1. Detecting the color, direction of travel, shape, and distance of objects
  2. Reading printed or digital text
  3. Playing video games
  4. Driving/riding vehicles/bicycles
  5. Shooting targets accurately

just to name a few…all while blind or blindfolded!

Vibravision® also goes much deeper than only seeing without eyesight! Increased concentration, memory and brain function, improved grades (for students), stress reduction and inner calm, improved intuition, boosted confidence, improved aerobic and anaerobic health, and increased immune resistance to disease are just a few of the commonly-reported benefits in addition to blindfolded/blind “Mindsight”.

For many it’s beyond belief. Since first introducing Merpati Putih and Vibravision® to America, there have been a fair share of doubters, yet it’s undeniably real for those who learn it, and has now been proven to many respected authorities in various fields. In order to ensure that Vibravision® was brought to America in the proper way, the necessary steps have been taken to make sure that it was evaluated by Western Optical, Neurological and Medical Professionals before offering it to the general public. The time has come to move beyond helping dozens to helping MILLIONS!”

Vibravision blind person training


Blindness and vision loss can cause serious problems for those afflicted, and the majority of visually impaired people bear the costs of these disorders—both emotionally and financially. The Vibravision Foundation has a clear and simple goal: to spread limitless potential throughout the visually impaired community and help countless individuals regain their independence and improve the quality of their lives—and to do so in a way that is affordable for participants. We rely on donations and grants to ensure this. You can help give those without vision the chance to see the world in a whole new way by donating to the Vibravision Foundation general fund here.


For those who are sighted, losing their sight, or blind, we offer 5-day Immersion Events every three (3) months in Ogden, UT. If we have a group of individuals in a location who are not able to join us in Utah, we may be able to travel to you!

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5-Day Immersion Events Are Open To All

Our amazing 5-day Immersion events are available to everyone (sighted, low-vision and blind) and are the BEST way to learn this skill and be able to develop it at home. Weekly Vibravision® training is available at MP USA for those who live near the MP USA/Vibravision® Academy in Ogden, UT, and is for sighted persons only at this time.

Vibravision blind person training

Learn How To Focus Your Energy

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VibraVision Opens A New World To You

The Vibravision® Foundation aims to offer this training to those who would like to better help the visually impaired, quantify this ability scientifically, and medically standardize the training with the highest degree of efficacy. This unique mixture of meditation, mindfulness, breath mechanics, and brain-mapping science is unlike anything else found anywhere, and the Vibravision® method is poised to unlock a new paradigm in the study, understanding the practical application of human consciousness. In addition to the Vibravision® skill set and its potential to help the visually impaired navigate their environment, the specialized training includes one of the most effective breath work disciplines, as well as numerous physical and mental health benefits in addition to increased perception. Contact us today for a FREE consultation!

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