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Introduction To Our History

Vibravision® is one of the five (5) disciplines of Merpati Putih (aka “MP”) – a martial art/meditation/energy/consciousness expansion system developed by the Royal Family of Java, Indonesia dating back hundreds of years. Using Vibravision® they were able to fight opposing forces at night using Vibravision to ‘see’ in the dark. Until recently, MP was known only by the Royal Family members.

In 1963, Mr. Saring Hadipoernomo, Mas (Mr.) Budi, and Mas (Mr.) Pung released MP to the Indonesian people. On January 1st, 2000, Nate and Mike Zeleznick became the first-ever officially recognized American MP members and began training people in the martial arts and energy aspects of MP on January 3rd, 2001.

In 2013, after over a decade of challenges and obstacles to successfully develop the Vibravision® program, Mike decided to give up everything and do what was necessary to keep their promise to the Royal Family and bring Vibravision® to the world. He relocated to Indonesia and began living and training directly with the Royal Family and the best Vibravision® trainers in the world in order to learn everything about the Vibravision® technique. Armed with this comprehensive knowledge, MP USA Inc. launched its first pilot program in November of 2014 and now we can all ‘see’ the results!

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We at MP USA and Vibravision® work tirelessly to provide an amazing and special experience for every person who walks through our doors. Whether it’s a 6-year old needing to develop the confidence to overcome a bullying issue, a senior citizen who wants to regain their flexibility and mobility while reducing their aches and pains, an endurance athlete who wants to find new limits for themselves and apply it in competitions, or a blind person who wants to develop a new way of perceiving the World, MP USA and Vibravision® offer programs that enhance our clients’ lives in ways no other method does or can. We are honored to be able to share this with our community as well as those from all around the World.

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With an amazing 9,000 ft facility there is plenty of training space for each class. MP USA offers Family Martial Arts, M·B·S RECHARGE (formerly known as Wealth of Health) meditation and fitness classes, and the flagship Athletic Adventure Program…The FULL Merpati Putih martial arts, energy work, meditation and life-enhancement experience. In addition, MP USA’s sister company Vibravision® LLC offers the only training available for those with or without sight to be able to sense their environment using only their mind. Vision not required. Proven and endorsed by Neuroscientists, NMD’s, Optometrists, Physicists, and blind people, this is a truly revolutionary program designed to enhance and expand the consciousness of all (ages 10+) who practice it.

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